Author Topic: Substance Designer not showing certain details on Export  (Read 1985 times)

I have this issue where whenever i export my material to marmoset or unreal i get these small dots instead if what i created. i left a file as well


Which format and resolution are you using to export your maps to UE4 or Marmoset ?
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First off, thanks for the reply! Im exporting relative to parent, textures are meant to be viewed as 4k. Im using the sbsar. file for marmoset and unreal.

wondering if anyone here gets help instead of questions. Where is the real help? Where is the fix? 

im hoping for an answer gpalmer67 lmao, cant export without it.

Hi Kahliekc,

I think I found the problem.
Can you open your sbs in Designer and switch to SSE2 engine ? (hit F9 and choose SSE2)
Now set the resolution to 4k, this way you should get the same result as in Unreal.
I tested this on my side and all the cracks disappear. They are probably too thin to be seen in Unreal.
Other possibility, you use a flood fill node which only works in GPU mode.

Feel free to send us your sbs if you want us to confirm this. (Use private message if you prefer)

Thanks !
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Yes Celine Dameron, seems like your right. I changed those settings and now it looks just like it does in unreal and marmoset. Also, i am using a flood fill node and it seems like that's whats breaking it. I greatly appreciate your help, thank you!


You're welcome :)
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