Author Topic: Sampling ID Masks via Filter  (Read 696 times)

I have a material (let's call it 'Base Material') set up containing different passes from a Zbrush Sculpted Tile. One of the Images/Channels in the Material is a clown pass/polygroup ID Map.
I have added an anchor point to the material

Further up in the Layerstack I would now like to apply different materials to areas to the underlying 'Base material' material by sampling the ID Map that is coming from that Base Material.
So I add a fill layer to the mask of the materials (Material B, Material C etc.) and call the Anchor Point from the Base Material and select the Channel of the Anchor Point that would provide me with the ID Mask of the Base Material.
This is where I am stuck now. How would I go about sampling the color ids from the base material ? It seems that by calling the anchor point the ID Map from the Base Material is converted to greyscale and I can no longer apply any sort of filter on top (wouldn't even know what filter either) to sample any IDs

Any ideas ?

You would need a specific generator that would allow you to create a mask from a color input (in this case the anchored ID map).
I attached one to this reply.