Author Topic: I've noticed something you can improve on.  (Read 1568 times)

I made a package with several graphs inside of it. (10+ graphs, been working on them all night)

While exporting to Unity I kept getting errors, thats not the problem I want to talk about though.

however to work out which graph was causing the error I wanted to publish the graphs individually.

so I saved my work, all 10+ graphs in the same file, SAVED.

I then removed several graphs so only 1 remains, export to sbsar file, close SD to save memory, open Unity, import the file to the correct location.

Then I close unity and return to SD, I open my save file, but only one graph remains, the last one, when I closed it, I have lost 10+ graphs, a nights work!

 there is no save option when closing, so I assumed my work was saved if I revert.

you should look at this issue, its 6am where I am now, Im pretty pissed if I wasnt pissed I wouldnt be writing this at this time.

Have you checked your autosafe folder for your lost work?


It isn't explicitly said when you export, but exporting a substance automatically saves your file. I don't believe this is unexpected behavior, maybe it could do with a bit more telegraphing but it's certainly not a bug.