Author Topic: continues tiling instead of repeating tiling  (Read 1349 times)

Hi there!
This questions seems somewhat against the workflow of SD, but I was wondering if it possible to NOT tile maps repeatedly but have them tile continues. Kind of the way World Machine works. You can zoom in on a portion of a landscape (texture) and output this piece as 4K and then continue working on another piece and also output that with 4K.
I would like to zoom in on a texture and assemble a large high resolution out of it.
Setting Substance Designer to above 4K will crash my system.
regards! Tom

Substance designer has some basic building blocks - one of which is the FX-map node - which create all the procedural noises. 

Tiling is basically built it to the FX-map node, so at a very basic software architecture level, substance doesn't behave in the way you are suggesting.

There are possible workarounds - but substance isn't sampling from an infinite procedural fractal like WM, so it's probably not the best tool for the job if those are your requirements.

Heey Alex!
Thnx for the reply! Hm, yeah, I kind of expected that it would be hard to work against the deepest software code.
I'll think about some workarounds.
thnx! Tom