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I use substance designer to bake out file textures for further use in maya.

if i want to make a large ground texture in maya and use mayas UDIM (multitile textures) feature. Is there a tool similar to changing  the seed value for every file, but without visible borders?


It's possible to do a workaround for what you are asking, it just requires accepting some limitations, and some forward planning.

1.  Make sure your UDIM tiles perfectly match on the borders.  Pixel perfect.

2.  Create a tiling substance you are happy with, and export it with your required parameters

3.  Import it twice into a new graph

4.  Freeze the seed on one of them (by changing the seed to 'absolute')

5.  Create a mask for the centre of your tile - either a procedural mask, a simple gradient, or a height blend

6.  Add the second version of your substance using this mask

The outcome should be a substance that is always the same at the edge of each tile (so fully tileable) regardless of the seed in the centre. 

You can then apply this to each UDIM tile of your terrain - the edges will always match, but the majority of each tile will be unique.  With some tweaking, this can give the impression of an infinite surface across multiple tiles.

Hope that's what you had in mind



thanks, I thought about something similar, but I will try this out, maybe one day substance come out with a tool for this, anyway its a cool piece of software.

You could also decide not to cut your UVs along UDIM borders and create a big patch that spans a multitude of UDIMs.

Additionally, if the terrain is reasonably flat, you can project or tri-planar the texture. This will help you avoid texture density and UVs entirely.