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Hi Guys,

- From the video, I can see several software running at the same time, this could be one of your problems.

- When you say Medium to Large meshes, could you be more explicit or maybe send me one of your meshes and/or Projects to investigate your issue ?

- @waltage could you send me your log file please

- When you are painting is it possible with MSI Afterburner your GPU and memory activity ?

Here is our documentation regarding performances:


I have tried running substance as the only program open after reboot and with other programs open with the same result.

In terms of mesh size and lag; I divided a sphere in zbrush to different subdivisions and imported into Substance Painter. Mostly I started getting very noticeable lag around the 800,000 - 1 million and beyond, active points by zbrush's count.

well i'll trying another

@waltage : Can you please try to update your graphics card drivers to version 391.05 (NB : not the latest one, they seem to have a bug that crashes Painter).
@a.james.sanford : Please, same thing.
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i haven't any crashes
i cannot paint the simply six polygon box without freezing
i cannot make new layer without freezing
imported obj have turned normals

but in Mary i can smoothly paint DAZ gen3 model with launched Blender, Ps and Iray render, ok?

i haven't any crashes
Yes I know that. I am suggesting to update your driver to check if it improves your performance issues. I was just mentioning crashes because it also happens that the latest official drivers from Nvidia (391.01) crashes Painter amongst other applications, so I was recommanding the 391.05 hotfix you can get from here instead :

You mean that can cure permanent freezing during painting on small standart cube?
look like your software don't use RAM only HD as cashe. it use only 1,6GB
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You mean that can cure permanent freezing during painting on small standart cube?
It is possible, but it is not guaranteed.