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I got 8Gb of ram.. for the rest this 27" iMac is maxed out as I could get last year.. is being brought to a slow crawl running Designer 4.5.
Every update is running worse on Mac. Of course this is all due to Apple's faulty drivers..

- 4.5 loads veeery slow.
- If it not crashes shortly after loading a substance scene, my latest models colors are way cost me lots of time getting the nuances right.. then it crashes anyway
- Windows like stuttering / hanging of the whole system. The good old days.
- Haven't saved in 4.5, yet rolling back to 4.4.1. gives an error that the file version is older... and wil not open..

So now I'm left with nothing to work on. Both versions will not work with my scene, how rich.

My Mac info added. Reparing permission right now. Will reboot and see.

Designer is running.. still bogging down freezing my system for seconds at a time.
Model colours still look off. Output node seems to have it right, 3D view does not.
Loading 2nd main graph for second mesh is really making everything unresponsive.

So repairing permissions, cleaning caches worked in so far Desinger loads quickly.
Jumps into a scene quickly now, but loading the whole thing is just problematic.
I had to 'ctrl alt delete' the proces. Even my system is useless when running Designer.

This is the 3r update in a row that has me having to solve issues. Getting slower al the time.
Models looking more of all the time. This time I'm out of options.

Designer 4.5 automatically updates your files when opening them, but it makes a copy of the original file in the .autosave folder next to your sbs file (note that the directory is hidden because its name starts with a dot).
Therefore you can restore your files so that you can open them in Designer 4.4.1 if you need to roll back to that version. Just copy the backup in the autosave folder over your sbs file.
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Hadn't thought of loading the backup substances.

SD 4.4.1 will open my substance finally! Thank you Cyrille for pointing this out to me.

SD is stil very slow loading and crashed after setting to PBR.

Glad to know you can at least revert to 4.4.1.

We are aware of issues and are working on releasing a 4.5.1 to fix the crashes ASAP.

4.4.1. isn't running very wel either, it freezes up my Mac, need to pul the plug to restart.
I'll be waiting patiently. Please have a look at Mac performance.