Author Topic: Unable to download Substance launcher  (Read 2606 times)

Unable to download Substance launcher. When i click download it goes to this link - and tells me that this page isn't working. Please fix this as soon as possible or please share another link. Thank you.

Any info on this please?

Same issue, trying to download free trail

Weird i can download but the file is flagged as virus by Kaspersky and is instantly deleted. Also, is there any staff actually checking posts. Or users have to solve their own issues? I cannot use something that i have bought with money, what an amazing service by Allegorithmic guys.

Yes there are Substance folks who answer questions. At this point, it may be after hours for them. I imagine that the virus notification is a false positive. You may have to disable the antivirus software. Have a look at this for other troubleshooting items too:,31029.0.html

So afterworks for 2 days :) Anyways posted at Linkedin and got reply. The new setup i downloaded is not flagged as virus and installation works fine.