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Hey there, i am modelling a character and he seems to be smaller then normal. When i use a material in 4k for texturing, the textures are very blurry, for example on his fingers. Especially when I scale it to the preferred smaller size (4 to 5) , it doesnt fit the 4k texture i have picked. Also i did hear there is a trick to make the model normal size with the fbx export setting in blender. Scale 0,0,0.

But that didnt help either and on other models on youtube videos with 4k, the textures look much better and less bad. Even on Fingers (Smaller spots) When the brush is bigger, the texures are much more crisp, so could it be my UV, or the too small fbx file? (tried many settings and scaled the material? Maybe its the material i should change in Designer? (though the file has about 8 mb)

Im thankful for any help and hope i dont come across as a total lazy person.

Please provide the .blend file or your OBJ/FBX.
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I will send a model in some minutes, have this problem with all models so each one has the same effect ^^"

Oh wait, i think its the Uv that is really small since i didnt cut the seams along the side of the hand, but for each finger and thats why the texture probably is too small. But i will send an update tomorrow to make sure it was the problem :) (And maybe other beginners can learn from my mistake ^^

I would highly recommend actually setting texel density based on a value that makes sense for your output. So many beginners just unwrap using some auto tool and never even look at their UVs, or they just pack them into their 0-1 space and never check their density to make sure it is enough. Also keep in mind auto packing can down scale your uvs making the density setting you set prior void.

Here is an article about it and a video:
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I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Thanks for the help :)  the good thing is i did cut the seams correctly, but i didnt know what texel density was. One other good thing is that there is an addon for blender which checks the texel density for me, but of course i will watch more videos to get more knowledge. I let you know if it works.