Author Topic: How to apply texture on to model?  (Read 892 times)

Hello, I am very new to this and for my project I want to create a brick building. I have made the brick texture using the standard cube that is in SD but, since it's tilling 0 to 1 uv space I am having a hard time making the texture fit on to my model. Once I imported my model in SD the brick texture is just too big for the model. I have tried scaling the tile sampler but that will just loose so much quality and other nodes will messes up as well. please can someone help me. I have no idea how to do this  :-\

This isn't really a 'substance designer' problem, rather a UV tiling problem - and it's one that everyone who works with textures runs into all the time.

If your house only has one UV tile, and is in 0-1 UV space, then (as you figured out) you'll need to tile your brick texture.

You have 3 ways to do this:

- in the substance itself.  This would commonly be done using a 'transform 2d' node, rather than in the tile sampler.  The detail is limited by the resolution of your texture, and while Substance designer CAN produce up to 8k textures, even this might not be enough if you get very close.

- by scaling your UVs

- by increasing the tiling in your shader.  You can preview this in Substance Designer's 3D view by editing the 'tiling' setting of your material.  This doesn't change your actual substance, only the 3D view, and the effect would need to be re-created in your destination shader.

Each has advantages and disadvantages.  In production, it would be fairly common the solve these problems in other ways - such as using a UDIM workflow, or a set of modular assets.