Author Topic: AO cancel functionality in designer and B2M  (Read 846 times)

Hi there.

I've been playing around with designer's scan processing nodes and B2M for some while now. Although the AO cancellation node from designer does a good job of cleaning up most of the scanned albedo based off of the baked AO, I still find myself using the B2M node simply for it's own AO cancellation function that seems to adapt much better to the input.
Am I missing something here? Shouldn't these 2 nodes function in a similar fashion?

If not is there any plan to bring B2M-type AO cancel to designer? I'd like to be able to export scanned substances but for some reason I cannot export a substance when using the full 3.1 B2M node, only the lite version exports for me. Is this working as intended or is it due to a mistake on my part?

Also I believe a blog post (or maybe a video tutorial) made mention of custom delighting functionality coming to substance in the future, was that referring to the AO cancel node, or is something else coming down the line?

Thanks for the help and the awesome tools :)