Author Topic: How to use mesh by name on 1 UV set ?  (Read 584 times)

Hi guys im having a problem here, i have my high poly boot with the naming and my Low boot with the naming correcly ( _high and _low)

the problem is, i want just ONE uv set for the boot , so to do that im combining all the low poly parts into one mesh to organize my uvs.

but then i loose the name parts for the low poly and im unable to bake using mesh by name, how can o solve this?


In your 3d software, apply one material on all your low poly parts, without combining them, and name it Boot by example. You can further rename your texture set. In that way, when you'll export your low poly, you'll have automatically a texture set created, only one uv set.

hey Simon, thanks for the help!

 i did that but the problem is that my UV'S keep over each other, i alredy uv each piece

Hi guys just a update, i finaly manage to work this problem..

i simple combined all the pieces and place de uvs shell the way i like, them i detach each pice to back what it was, this way now i can use mesh by name feature and have my uv shells organize !

Hope this helps someone with the same problem.