Author Topic: mdl/nvidia/core_definitions probleme  (Read 551 times)

Hello all,
I want to add a "perlin noise" in my graph, but the node does not appear, I link you the image that I have below.

 Also note that when I make a right click it comes to me the error message below ... someone would have the solution? how will I be able to make peril noise work properly?


Those nodes are MDL noises and this is not an error but the path where this node is located.
Can you try to rebuild the database ?
To do this go into Edit -> Preferences ->Library.
Here click on rebuild database.
Wait for about 1 min and if you still don't see the Perlin noise, try to delete the database file.
To do this :
- close Designer
- follow this path C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer
- delete the folder database
- launch Designer and wait for the library to load.


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