Author Topic: Creating a gradient slope on individual cells?  (Read 1090 times)

Hey there.

In Wes McDermott's most recent YouTube series on wood planks, he uses gradients on individual rectangles to create some planks angled up, some down, some left etc. But this is done with the Tile Generator, which works because planks are in very precise and consistent patterns.

I have a rocky ground which begins to look quite bad when it catches some specularity, because all the rocks are perfectly aligned with each other. This gradient solution would be perfect, but how exactly would it work with the Cells node?

This is what I'm talking about:

I need to apply the concept of gradients per individual cell, any tips?

This seems like an ideal use case for the new flood fill: gradient node.

If you're targeting a non-GPU friendly implementation (like the new Unity integration), or just have an old version of substance, this might get you there instead:,22469.0.html
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Thanks Alex, the Flood Fill Gradient worked great  :D