Author Topic: Photoshop Export Missing Padding Setting?  (Read 2210 times)

I'm looking through the documentation and Google and turning up empty on an issue with Painter 2107.4.2. Might be somewhere in the software and I don't see it in the docs. So I'm using the Photoshop exporter and I see no setting for padding. When it comes into Photoshop none of the texture work has padding applied. I was wondering where that might be in the Photoshop export settings?

The Photoshop export plugin was created before the scripting API started supporting padding option on export. We will have to update the plugin at some point to reflect that change and let you modify the padding.

Okay that would be a very handy setting to have. Padding is pretty much a must have. For now I'm hacking around it by exporting a flattened "snapshot" with padding and putting that behind my layers.

Is there any way to preserve my layers on a standard texture export? The export there works with padding, but it exports only a single flattened texture map for each texture.

No, they are very different processes. The only solution is for us to add a padding option to the PSD export plugin.