Author Topic: python tools crash  (Read 2912 times)

I'm using a very simple python script copy/pasted from the demo, and its crashing at the parseDoc() call.

Can you provide the error message and perhaps the script and I'll do my best to figure out what is going wrong,

It just crashes and windows told me it crashed, no specific error message. Here's the set of scripts:

Any news?

I can hear myself echo in here.

Hello and sorry for the late reply.
I don't see what could be causing a crash without raising an exception.

Are you able to launch the original demo you copied from Pysbs ?
You can launch it from the demo folder installed in <PythonInstallFolder>/Lib/site-packages/pysbs_demos (be sure to have admin rights, or copy the entire folder elsewhere):
python -fct: demoExportWithDependencies -args: "sample/argsDemoExportWithDependencies.xml"

If yes, have you tried your script with another substance ?
Could you provide the substance you are trying to open, with its dependencies if any.

In all the cases, could you give us details on your configuration: OS, Python version, SAT / Pysbs version.