Author Topic: Polygon Fill Tool - Front Facing Only  (Read 1523 times)

The Polygon Fill Tool is both one of the most useful tools in painter and one of the most frustrating ones.
The Fact that it will always not only fill the 'Front Facing' Polys but any Polygon that is in the Z Depth of the Object makes it quite frustrating and you always have to try to align your model in a way that you only hit the ones you want.

A simple example would be a house fassade. Selecting the front of the House in the Viewport will always select the back of the house as well.

My feature request would be to add a 'Front Only' Option that really only hits the faces facing the view camera, nothing behind it.

I would like to see this as well.  I feel like selecting polys that are on the front face only is more useful than the way it is now if I had to choose only one option.

Yes please backface culling on polygon fill tool, yeahhhhhh!