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  • Symmetry based on world origin instead of mesh bounding box for assets that are partially, but not completely symmetrical.
  • Flip vertical/horizontal options for layers and masks, similar to Photoshop's.
  • Lasso select tool for layers and masks, similar to Photoshop's.
  • Transform distort tool for layers and masks, similar to Photoshop's.
  • Some method of combining masks. In PS you can ctrl+click a mask to select all of the white pixels, ctrl+c to copy, then go into the target mask and ctrl+p to paste. This will not replace the target mask, but will add to it.
  • Painting, smudging and clone stamping seamlessly across texture sets would be hugely benneficial for organics, for exmple a body that has separate head, torso, arm and leg UVs.
  • Reloading a texture in your shelf to update it for changes should update all instances of that texture being used in your project. Currently you have to manually drag and drop to replaced every instance of that texture's use in your scene.
  • Viewport tends to create  Moir√© patterns on small tiled textures. Please improve AA to resolve this. We use Painter screen shots for our lookdev approval process. I prefer not to use iRay because it looks so different from what's in the realtime viewport, and because I'm working on game assets, so the viewport is closer to what my end result will be.
  • Exporting large renders of the viewport. We often do lookdev in Painter before the final game model is made, so being able to render large viewport screenshots, similar to Marmoset Toolbag, would be very helpful.
  • If you encounter an export error, that error log line stays visible at the bottom of the shelf even after you've resolved the error, causing the user to question whether or not the error persists.
  • When closing Painter, it says the scene has changed and asks if you want to save again, even if you JUST saved and did nothing else.

12. Clearing masks and pasting into masks currently deletes any filters or other things you have applied to those masks. I would prefer those things not be removed unless I manually remove them.

+1 to all of the above.

It would also be nice to have blend layers like photoshop rather than having to set a layer to pass-through on every channel if, for instance, you wanted to run a levels on every channel.

A way to set the blend mode for each channel without having to swap channels and rebuild layer icons would also be nice, since on large files rebuilding the layer stack can take a while.

7. Reloading a texture in your shelf to update it for changes should update all instances of that texture being used in your project. Currently you have to manually drag and drop to replaced every instance of that texture's use in your scene.

You can use the resource manager, which in my opinion is a perfectly adequate way to propagate a new or updated texture and replace them in each instance in your project, try it out!

I'll check out the Resource Updater, thanks. I've seen examples where you can replace one resource with another resource, but I've never seen someone use it to update a refresh of the same resource file throughout a project.

13) When you select a textureset, it auto-opens the entire hierarchy of the first group in the layer stack. Please remove this behavior. If I want it open, I'll open it.
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14) If you have texturesets in solo mode, pressing F to focus should focus on the visible part(s), not the entire bounding box of your complete low poly mesh.

15) Add a "Recent" category to the shelf that holds recently used brushes and alphas, so that if you're often switching between the same hand full of assets, you don't have to scroll through a huge list to find them every time.

16) Provide some kind of a "Merge" feature for merging specific meshes, layer groups and individual layers from other project files, even corrupt ones. Painter corrupts my project files too often and I'd like there to be some way to recover at least some of my work when that happens. Being able to merge in 3ds Max has saved my biscuit more times than I can count, and would be a welcome addition to Painter.

The lack of interaction from Allegorithmic on these forums feels like I'm stuffing these suggestions in a bottle and throwing them out to sea :(

We do read everything, no reply doesn't mean we don't listen or take notes :)

We encourage you to post your requests on our Uservoice if they haven't already be posted by another user.
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Cool, as long as someone at Allegorithmic is reading this stuff :) Thanks man. Out of curiosity, what's the difference between posting feature requests here vs uservoice? Is the latter monitored more closely?

It's just easier for us to keep track of things and measure anticipation from users for each request on Uservoice

Preferably, post individual requests on uservoice, not just one entry with a list of requests, so that others can discuss and vote on them. Thanks !

Will do, thanks guys!