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Hi there, I was wondering about baking normals in Designer that match the ones baked in 3dsmax.
I've read that I could do that exporting my model from max, but including tangents.
As .obj doesn't store tangents, I assume .fbx will be the way to go, but I have a question.
In the FBX exporter (in max), there are various options that are off by Default. I am especially referring to "Smoothing Groups" and "Tangent and Binormals". Do these options (or one of the two) need to be activated to be able to make all my baking ops in Designer?


You're right, you need to export the "Tangent and Binormals" and the "Smoothing groups" (to be sure to keep your hard edges where you need them in your normal/avoid to have 1 smoothing group for all your mesh).
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I'm reviving this thread because the info here is what I was looking for, but needed more of it. If mods want me to start a new thread, then I'll do it.

I have the exact same needs as Mario: Substance is awesome to bake in, so I'd like to use it for my target game engine which uses the same tangent basis as Max (specifically Max 2012, at least). Most of my doubts I'm replying to Gaetan's answer:

1-What about Substance's tangent basis? By default you can choose between MikkTSpace or UnityTSpace, and neither of those are the same as Max' tangent basis. Wouldn't baking in Substance be impossible for this, unless the user changes the baker's tangent basis?
2-If I want to bake with cages and the Match By Name feature, in Max we should then manually create the cages by duplicating the LP, inflating/movingVertsAlongNormals, assign 1 SG so that all cage normals are averaged, and export this fbx with "Smoothing Groups" and "Tangent and Binormals" checked?

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