Author Topic: Substances way too repetitives...  (Read 1989 times)

On Substance Source the materials are Cropped to a Zoomed version it appears every material downloaded as soon they are used in real life they repeat way too much.

Do we have to edit the sbs to generate a bigger map? is that simple, I haven't found any related subject here...

Please someone point me in the right direction, actually it's not usable at all...

Please find here an example

By using different random seed you'll notice some generated versions contains less repetitive patterns. Also, in some cases, parameters used can have an impact on this side (I know we have a few on this kind of wood material).
Regarding the way to deal with it, it's a common issue in Texturing (not Source specific).
A classic technique is to generate several versions of the material (2 can be enough) and to blend them using a mask (that can be a procedurally generated in a 3D application or a "classic" grayscale texture).

As it seems you use UE4, here is a link that can show you how to deal with it:
Lead technical artist

That's very usefull, thank you.