Author Topic: A file too big to open anymore....  (Read 1127 times)

Hi, I have a 5-6 gig set of files and I am no longer able to open them, this version of substance crashes before they are open.  I realize this is an insane file size.  It is a dozen pieces of furniture each with at least five separate textures in each of their layer stacks.  I *used* to be able to open this file but now I cannot.  I see now that there is a clean feature and I would like to know if there is some way to run a clean on a file I cannot open to try to make it small enough that i could? Any suggestions on how to make these files usable again?  I really do *not* want to have to start over.

I have tried opening it with the task manager on.  It is only getting to 50% of memory (I have 16 gigs) and nothing else running.  I am using SP 2017.4.2.   I moved the file from my external drive to fast internal ssd in case it was a transfer issue.  CPU is only at 20-40% so it isnt that either.

It is popping up the "this was created in an older version" message.  Perhaps the issue is there?
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The next release will have a fix for some large projects with a lot of hand painting that fail to open, hopefully this will fix your issue as well.