Author Topic: Normals are backwards when taken into Substance Painter  (Read 1888 times)

Hi all,

I have something odd going on.  I have modeled a heart and in 3D-Coat it looks fine, but in SP the carving goes in instead of poking out.  I am looking at that app to see if it is something i have done (never had it before).  My question is - is there an easy way to flip the normal to carve outward instead of inward?  i tried the invert filter but didnt get a good result, although i might be doing it wrong.  Any suggestions for me?

Left is painter, right is 3dcoat.
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You mean you have modeled the heart in 3D Coat, created a retopo object, then exported a normal map from there, and imported that map into Painter?

Did you try to bake the map in Painter?

Normal maps can be exported from 3D Coat in different formats, there even is a preset for Substance Painter that can be selected in the preferences ('normal map software preset').

You can also try to switch the normal map format directly in Painter (which might or might not be a good idea, depending on where the object is going to be used). Edit -> Project Configuration -> Normal Map Format.

How strange.  I only recently started having this issue. changing it from open gl to direct x solved the issue.  this issue at least, i am not sure what will happen in second life when i upload painters output so i may be back.