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A few days long now my substance painter 2 (2017.3.3) keeps freezing instantly when i start the program. The only thing i can do is wait for the program to respond or to close the program. This already happens before i am able to click away the welcome message.

Last time it worked was around 2 weeks ago. Nothing changed on my PC since then except for a driver update. I didn't use the program for a while since then until a few days ago. I don't have any custom shelf's, plugins, etc.

I've tried:

- reinstalling
- delete preference folder
- checked/disabled conflicting programs

But nothing seemed to work.

After looking in a lot of forums i saw a possible solution. I uninstalled, deleted the substance painter folders in c/documents, c/appdata/local and c/appdata/roaming. Then i restarted my PC and reinstalled substance painter and it worked!

However the same issue happens again when i restarted my PC. The same trick doesn't work anymore neither.

I am not able to export a log file via the help menu be course i cant do anything in substance before it freezes. The log file attached is from the appdata folder.

Hope someone can help me with this issue.

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Could you give a try at Substance Painter 2017.4.2 and see how it goes ? With the Trial version for example.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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