Author Topic: how many smart material in substance painter 2018 ?  (Read 889 times)

i want to know if smart material getting bigger or not.

i feel tired designing in substance designer.

the more smart material are the better for me.

screenshot will be nice.

also i want to know if animated texture exist in substance painter ? because i want to make flipbook (animated material) in unreal engine. other way to make animated animation will do.

There are currenty more than 80 preset smart materials, some where added in new versions of Painter throughout the years (there probably are some materials I added manually in the screenshot). You can download additional materials for free from Substance Share.

There is no way to animate a texture in Painter.

holy damn.

that was promising.

however i still need to create animated texture.

i still doesn't understand how to use designer.

i wish for more smart material :)

especially rock and leaves.