Author Topic: Free Assets on Substance Source webpage  (Read 2149 times)

I just downloaded an asset from the Free Assets section on Substance Source.

If the asset is free, then why did it count against my points?

I'm assuming those points (top right corner, next to the My Assets button) are the number of assets I can download per month. If the asset is free, it shouldn't count against those points, but it did.

If that is not a counter, or the number of assets I can download per month, then what is it?

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The counter is the number of downloads available.
From what I can see, you downloaded 3 assets today:2 "paying" and 1 free. You download the free and 1 of the paying almost at the same time, so that's maybe why you think it counted against your points?

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Head of Product Management

Thank you for looking into this for me.

I do remember getting other resources, so that very well may be what happened.

I just tested it again with a fresh login and the counter did not change.

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