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Hi all,

Just recently I found an old article in 80lvl by Ben Wilson about new features of Substance Designer where he mentioned 32 bit nodes and how they can help fixing issues when blending two layers - for example perlin noise with some pebbles - blending them using Overlay mode results in flattening the pebbles where the whiter areas of perlin noise are. As I understood from the article 32 bit mode is suppose to prevent that from happening.
The example he gave doesn't work for me so I am assuming I did something wrong.
Can someone please explain this feature for me. Thanks.

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Robert Wilinski

Could you link to the article?


Hmm, I'm a bit stumped as well to be honest.
It kinda looks like HDR isn't working right at the moment.
All values get clamped between 0 and 1, while they should be able to go into the negatives and above 1 when using an HDR format (16f and 32f)

Nevermind, turns out I was using the cpu engine, which apparently doesn't fully support hdr.
I attached an sbs with 2 linear blending setups. 1 using hdr, and another I usually use, working in 16 bit (non-hdr)

Some things I noticed with the hdr method, are that even when you set your graph to an hdr format, a lot of noises will still generate as regular 16 bit, so keep in mind to set the bitdepth of the next node to relative to parent or absolute.
And for levels nodes, make sure you set "intermediary clamp" to "passthrough".

Strange how, when enabling float values in your native graph it doesn't enable them inside the nodes automatically. Nodes like the Gradient Map, even though suffixed with 32F, are not actually passing on the float data. Levels node, as you mention Eggfruit, need the clamp to be disabled, which is also not logical when already telling your graph you need Floats.

I think this is something that will need some more love from the Allegorithmic team.

I think this is something that will need some more love from the Allegorithmic team.

Yeah, I agree, though it doesn't seem like something most people would frequently use, so I can see why it isn't a high priority.

Thanks for the feedback  - I will try it out at home :)

Thanks for the files