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How can I paint using a triplanar projection. I can only find a way to put a triplanar material on the whole object or paint using a planar projection. I'm coming from 3D coat where triplanar projection painting is pretty much all I use.


Triplanar mapping means that an exisisting texture is projected in X, Y and Z onto an object automatically, with automatic transitions between those projected planes.

How would this work painting manually? How does this work in 3DCoat? I'm using the app quite regularly, but have no idea what you mean.
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If you paint with a smart material in 3Dcoat it will default to using a triplanar projection. Works just like a planar projection but its triplanar. Where you paint the triplanar projection will stick.

Painting materials in 3D Coat is actually exactly the same thing as paiting a mask on a fill layer set to triplanar or on a folder containing a smart material in Substance Painter. It's just presented to the user in a different way.

Ah perfect. Thanks Jeremie, that's exactly what I was looking for.