Author Topic: The Substance Source Site won't load  (Read 34218 times)

 Can't access the site - it is stuck in the endless loading (The S-symbol-with-radiating-dots screen), I've tried multiple browsers but to no avail so far. Meanwhile, Substance share and the main Allegorithmic site are both working just fine, the problem is only with the Source.
 Am I the only one getting this problem?
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Yes same problem here :(

I'm in the same boat.

We are looking into the issue, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, the same issue here. Thx

The website should be back up now.

 Works for me. Thank you!

I'm having the same issue; Substance image just has dots fading in and out continuously. 

Just the logo flasing! Please help

Hi @Cosmos_Dragon @Stephenskyy
Could you please let me know which way you are trying to access Substance Source?
Is it through the website, through the painter integration, trhough unity or unreal?
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I'm having the same issue. I'm trying to access Substance Source through Substance Painter. I only see the Substance logo..and its just animating like its loading, but it never actually loads.

This has been happening for the last 2 weeks (I don't use Substance everyday)

Can you confirm you are using the latest 2019.2.3 build from Substance Painter?

Otherwise I would suggest you to use Substance Source in the launcher, and use the "Send to Substance Painter" option.

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I'm not using the latest build. I'm using 2019.2.0.

I can upgrade, however I'd like to know about the "Substance Source in the launcher".  Which launcher are you referring to? (Possibly Adobe Creative Cloud?).

 I launch Painter and Designer directly. I don't know another way to start them or Substance Source.
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I'm not using the latest build. I'm using 2019.2.0.

If you can not update Painter it is possible for our users having a Substance Painter < 2019.2.3 to use the updated Source plugin, you will need to update your Source plugin in Painter.
See how to do so here:

The Substance launcher can help you keep your software up to date, keep up with the latest news and use the Substance Source tab to, when you have Painter open at the same time, send your materials directly to your project in Painter.

It can be downloaded for free here:
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I actually am using Substance Painter version 2019.2.3 and about 1 to 2 weeks ago Substance Source stopped loading in the software and just gives a big spinning circle like mentioned above.