Author Topic: Textures get offset when importing new mesh  (Read 917 times)


I have a substance file where I'm texturing two objects. Later I realize I would like to get another object into the same UV space. I don't change the UV coordinates for the original two objects at all, since I've got space over. When I then switch the fbx file in substance to the new one, where I've got three objects, some of the textures are completely off. I've tried with Preserve brush strokes both off and on, but I get the same result. The original two objects are in the same place in the world as in the original file. I use blender for modeling and therefore exporting.

Is there any solution to this?

Thanks in advance.

If adding your new mesh changes the bounding box of the object, unfortunately there is no easy way to update the mesh without messing up some of the texturing. You may want to export the parts you already handpainted and import them back as fill layers in a project that has all 3 objects.


Thanks for the info :)