Author Topic: Color Profile LUTs not active when Solo view settings mode is used  (Read 707 times)

Hey folks,

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but it seems the active Color Profile is not applied to the viewport if the "Solo" viewer settings mode is on, as opposed to "Material".  Toggling the color profile on/off does change the display, but if you select various profiles/LUTs there is no difference. 

I'm trying to view the unlight, flat base colour witht he color profile active, but this seems impossible. 

I'm on Substance 2017.3.3 on Red Hat Linux 7

If I understood you correctly, I expect that is "by design."

Since the "Channel" display mode does not show lighting and environmental reflection effects, it would seem reasonable that LUTs are also ignored when in that mode.
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Yes, this is the expected behavior.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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That doesn't sound right to me, it's a perfectly fine use case to want to see the unlit texture (particularly in uv view) with the view transform applied. 

LUTs are not just for stylistic effect, they're a crucial part of a film colour pipeline, and you always want a pipeline where you can view a linear texture in Nuke/Photoshop/Mari/Clarisse/Maya/It etc and have them display the same in each application (i.e. with the view transform applied). 

I can't think of where looking at a linear uv texture without any kind of view transform would be useful?

We have a task planned to allow to keep the color profile when vieweing the diffuse/base color. No ETA at this point.