Author Topic: Substance Player render engine issue - Linux (CentOS7)  (Read 2577 times)

Hi guys

I having a problem here with a machine running CentOS7 with a Quadro P4000 and Nvidia drivers 375.39.

The SSE2 engine generates the maps I want. But is limited to 2K.
Unfortunately, the OpenGL engine, which can export 4K maps, completely loses the volume/height information leading to inaccurate maps or even crazy things when it comes to AO/Height maps.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Not sure it is a Linux specific problem. It looks more like a graph which gives a different result with the CPU and GPU engines. Do you mind sharing the bitmap and the parameters settings to see if we can reproduce and propose a workaround?

And thank you for the answer :)

I just used the Clean White Rope preset from the Source material Climbing Rope

So technically I didn't change anything to it. And I haven't opened it in Designer to modify/tweak it beforehand.
I tried to set the size limit to 4K. That's basically it.
Do you need more specific settings?
(Cooking options are at default: Dynamic Output Size and Random Seed on).
Nothing tweaked under the camera, material or environment tabs.

Also, when I export maps, with the OpenGL engine, the Height map is grey. Full grey. RGB: 67,67,67 grey
And all the other maps don't have any height influence on them.

I'll create a ticket, so someone in support it can test.

Great. Thank you :)