Author Topic: More Control over Resource Import into Shelf & Shelf Load  (Read 1930 times)

I work at a Animation and VFX Studio.
As is the case here Artists will work on both Animation as well as VFX Projects.
VFX Projects require other materials/smart materials than a stylized Animation Project.

So let's say we have a VFX Shared SHelf and an Animation Shared Shelf.
In addition we have project specific Shelfs.

When I drag resources into Painter or download from Source I can only import into Project or the CURRENT default Shelf.
I would like the option to choose which of my loaded shelfs to import into.

As a bit of an addendum I would like the option to always have all shelfs loaded in the preferences, hower have a simple way to tick off displaying of shelf content from a certain storage location in the shelf palette (let's say I don't wan't to see the stuff from Project C, D and E .. only from Project A as well as from the common 'Animation Shelf'.)


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The reason why only the current shelf can be selected is that in a studio environment, you may not want common shelves or team shelves to be modified by any user, especially since it would be easy to make a mistake and import something project specific into a team shelf, or replacing an existing asset.
Without right managements built into Painter, that's the only solution to "protect" these shelves at the moment.

Re-activating this topic.
Our shelves tend to be huge (thousands of items). Since this was causing a huge load up time for Painter we tried to separate shelfs out but quickly hit the issue listed in this thread again. That import only works into the 'Default' Shelf.

Now I get that certain Shelfs need to be protected. But I question if there isn't a smarter way to do this by simply introducing environment variables.

You could by default unlock everything and in a studio environment via an Env Var certain shelfs could be locked.
Or the other way around if it really is that big of a deal.

On the other hand I question the whole presumption of this being necessary since any studio that is serious about this will directly apply permissions to the folder anyway so only certain people can write, while everyone can read.

There is definitely stuff we could do with the import dialog. We could imagine letting you import in the shelf of your choice as long as you have write permission on the parent folder.