Author Topic: Absolutely newbye: Why can't I apply a generator and get the right result?  (Read 2676 times)

Hello guys!.

Which paarameters should I change?.

The pattern appears repeated and doesn't adjust to the whole geometry.

Did I import the mesh wrong?.

Is the mistake from the exporting mesh (in 3DSMAX) or inside some option I check wrong inside Substance Painter?

Thank you.

I'm trying to create a rusty effect but it seems to be a problem with the UV coordinates.

Yes, your UVs seems to be laid out wrong. Make sure that all your UVs are laid out in the [0,1] range and that you don't have any overlap between different parts.

Yes, I had to create UV maps with the UnWrap modifier inside 3DSMAX.

And now yes, I can do something better.

But I have done some mistakes in the Unwrapping. Now the question is: can I update inside Substance Painter the Unwrapping with the new coordinates with a fixed unWrap and improve the result wean see here?.

Thanks in advance.

Not very well versed in Painter yet myself, but yes I think you can change your mesh at any time which should update the UV Coordinates. The cool thing is I think it saves and applies the work you've done (even paint strokes) to the updated model and UV's. So, if you change UVW's in max, export a new OBJ or FBX or whatever you are using, you should be able to just import that right in the existing Painter project. Someone else can correct me if I am wrong.

Yes, you can update the mesh as needed. After opening your project go to edit>Project configuration - in that dialog you can re-import the updated mesh with options to keep same strokes, etc.... In my experience a re-bake may be necessary if the mesh changes call for it.

More info on updating mesh  ->


Thank you very much for your answers.

I have saved a lot of time re-updating the geometry each time I did a mistake. It's awesome!.

Thank you very much Daf and bcole. :)

I've learnt a lot during these two days and still I have to try some techniques I have in mind.

One question: Do  I have to do a "hard" job creating a good UnWrap set of maps for each element I'm creating?. We still depend on this task, previous to having fun painting over each object and applying all these procedural techniques.

Just let me show you an update I did.

In the cellular game which this will be seen, I don't need more polygons because these elements or items will be seen really far, but near enough to capture some realism details, which can be solved with a nice job texturing. Painting over my model and applying some procedural or automatic effects saved my life in these days and in the next 60 days.

Let me ask you the same question than in the previous reply: Do We still depend on the hard work which means sometimes do the most correct UnWrap task before exporting to Substance Painter, don't we?.

Here you are and thank you very much for your help.

Thanks in advance.

I always do my UVW's before moving onto Substance Painter. That doesn't mean I won't find a mistake with them or need to make edits later, but it does mean I don't go to texturing stage without doing my UVW's. I like your texture btw, that bit looks like it has had better days lol

Yes, this electric drill suffered some years of radiations effect after a nuclear holocaust.  8)

I think that Substance can do a lot of things for us but the job of Unwrapping it's a job that anybody can do but us, for ourselves.

I'm very happy with what I've learnt in these two days.

I just only need to learn some tips and tricks for a better and more efficient unwrapping. I would add more details texturing but sometimes I think that I lose some details adding micro painting details. Still much to learn. :)

Thank you bcole.