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I made a graphic in Substance that allows me to add my own custom maps by creating Inputs. When i import this graph to unreal they seem visible but i can't add an image to them. Is this a limitation to the plugin?

Also I have also noticed that "if" statements don't seem to carry across to unreal, as in if i have a option selected it then reveals other options, but in unreal everything is exposed.

I've used my graphs in Unity and they function in the same way as they do in Substance D, so it the Unreal plugin just very limited in terms of its functions

Hi @kelly4d3d,
This is possible and something we will be working on making more clear. For image inputs in our UE4 plugin, Imported textures must be in a Substance Input Image format. These inputs within your screenshot are not currently compatible with Texture2D.

Steps for import:
-Right-click in content browser
-Import Asset
-In the format type drop-down, select one of the format options for Substance Image Input formats
-Select the image to import

A SubstanceInputImage will be imported which will be compatible with these inputs.

As for VisibleIf functionally, this is also a feature that will be coming to our UE4 plugin in the near future.  :D

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thanks, that's most helpful. Any ideas when the plugins next getting updated, would love to give it ago