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Everybody know about texture seams. Are there any method to blend texture patches together to weaken the seams to zero
May be to overlap them with some transparency?
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If you use fill layers with the Triplanar mapping option you should have no seams at all on a flat surface.

Thanks for your reply
My texture was made in modo and upper-flat-surface that you may see on the image is made of 8 UV - island
It is round-symmetry object

Post a screenshot of your UV layout please, and explain a little more how you created the texture (layer stack). Is this a single TextureSet? Do you use an ID map? - uv islads
It is single TextureSet - map of 2048x2048 resolution
I did seams myself. I just didn't paint a stone image over these seams and along these seams
I didn't paint stone texture over the 3d - object.
I just fill UV islands with stone image.
The task is to enlarge uv-terxture patches in order to get gradient transparency of these overlaping uv-terxture patches on 3d - object

the contours of the texture patches should be gradient-transparent
and when totate 3d-object in viewport,- we don't see seams, - we see mixture on gradients parts of the tyexture-uv-patches
We see solid stone texture!

I do not really understand the problem, sorry. Whats up with the gradient transparency? What is the end result supposed to look like?

The problem is that on your very first screenshot there are unwanted black seams visible on the table top, you want everything as is, but without the black seams. Right?

Thanks for your reply

you want everything as is, but without the black seams. Right?

not quite - if i somehow remove these black lines, - all the same, - i will not see coincidence of marble-patterns between neighbour uv-islands

Texture patches that are based on uv-islands should have gradient-transparent boundary's to join together without rupture in overall texture of the 3d object