Author Topic: Making Smart Materials take into account instances of the same object?  (Read 595 times)

I have a problem in Substance painter, where I have 2 clamps attached to a table, with both clamps being instances so they share UVs. The problem is that when I apply a smart material to them, it reacts to the original clamp (right) but not the instance (left). Basically talking about the black area where both objects meet. Is there any way to make the table also get darker around the second clamp? Ty in advance!

EDIT: Just tested and all the generators ignore the second clamp.
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From the look of it, I'd say your AO bake is the culprit, as generators are heavily based on AO and Curvature.
It looks like the piece on the left didn't generate AO on the bar, so the generator doens't react as expected.

Thanks for the fast answer! To explain the situation in more detail, first i created and uv'd the right clamp, and copied it as instance on the left (so they share uv) then exported. Is there a reason to why it doesnt generate AO? Do i need to also instance another high poly clamp on the left even if it wont bake to the clamp itself since it shares UV space with the right one? Sorry if my english is a bit rough, not my first language!

Ok, found it. whenever I make instances of objects sharing UV space, I need to also duplicate the high poly just to project on the other objects. Now that i think about it, it makes complete sense. Tyvm.