Author Topic: Problem in importing to substance painter  (Read 1997 times)

Hi guys ! i am totally new to substance painter , and recently i have been trying to import a mesh to substance painter , i created a car in 3ds max , (high poly using turbosmooth workflow) , and i wanted to get it into substance painter for texturing . now i dont want this car to be used in game engine ( basically i dont want to do the retopo work )

Now , i came to know what you have to unwrap UVs to be able to use in substance painter , so i UV unwrapped my car ( Uv unwrapped it then applied turbosmooth , as it preserves the UVs. when i try to import it to substance , my model is getting transparent , when i view my car from underneath ( seems like UVs are flipped or something ) only then i am not getting this hollow thing .. See screenshot .. Plz help me guys

Normals flipped?

How do i know if my Normals are flipped ? and how to unflip them ?

plus , i didnt bake any normal map , i just UV unwrapped in max then imported in painter .. plz help me in this regard .

He is talking about flipped faces (surfaces of your car pointing inward instead of outward), not a normal texture.

You probably need to invert the direction some of your polygons are facing in Max, then re-import into Painter. I cannot tell you how to do that exactly in Max since I do not use that app, should be easy though.
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