Author Topic: Substance Share Car Paint Material Import Into Substance Painter Failure  (Read 5284 times)


Im a subscription customer looking to get this car paint SDesigner material with flakes into SPainter.

I've tried to "publish" the sbs main folder like shown in your tuts from SDesigner with no success, the .sbsar does not look anything like the preview on Sshare when I bring it into Spainter shelf, nor does it work like the .sbsar materials work I've used from Source.

See attachment, not sure if this was done in painter, but its the exact same material..

Please help!


Car paint usually requires a specific shader to work well. You won't be able to reproduce this look with a simple substance.
There is a car paint shader in Substance Painter but it's really just for preview purpose as the shader definition can't be exported. Depending on your target renderer you may need to create or find a car paint flake shader to get this look.

Thanks for the reply,

I ended up going with a procedural shader I created in my renderer, Blender Cycles on my current project to get it off to the client.

However, I would love to be able to create a material like this to have more control with it in Substance Painter. I'm seeing it done here I believe, but there is no tutorial on how to use it/create it (I'm new to Substance):

Also, it would be great to have some tutorials on some more specific advanced material creation like this burnt wood:

Have you considered adding some tutorials on this or some I'm not seeing? Are these above materials possible to create in SDesigner and then use in SPainter?

I do see the designer  "Aged Wood Planks" series and am starting on that now

Looking forward to any thoughts or suggestions