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Hi I was using Substance Designer today and I realized that there is no maps in my environment maps section. I already reinstalled Designer hoping it will direct it to the proper path. I also noticed that in my generator, no noises or patterns are there. I just begun using designer and I don't know everything that is supposed to be there already. Thanks you

Update: Everything is missing from my library. Please Advise. Thank You
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Try to rebuild the database in Designer.
To do this :
- go to Edit -> Preferences -> Library
- here click on rebuild database
- hit ok and check your library has all its nodes available

If it doesn't work, try to delete the database file in order to force Designer to regenerate it :
- follow this path : C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer
- here delete the folder "databases"
- now launch Designer and check the library

Your library should be complete :)
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I tried both of the methods and it still does not work. After I deleted the databases folder and opened Substance Designer it rebuilt databases automatically but within designer it's still missing everything.

I uninstalled Designer and installed the newest build, 2.3, hoping it would work but for some odd reason it switched back to 2.2


I have the same sort of trouble with the 2017.2.3 build 889 upgrade I got today

When I hit space, it is VERY slow to pop and I got an empty block as space menu bar. I can get some proposal only if I type in a letter, but it is again VERY slow to pop

I don't have anything displayed in the libraries neither when I choose a folder like Generators > Patterns

I have tried to delete the folder you said ( .local/share/Allegorithmic/Substance Designer for me, as I am under Linux ) and also to make rebuild the database in Designer itself, with no result.

I have enclosed my log file for you to check, let me know if you need more informations.

Okay attaching log file per our conversation. Thank you

Alright, for me it was just that it takes a very long time to rebuild the Library and Thumbails. I let it work all night long for these and this morning everything is fine and smooth for me.