Author Topic: Status of painting across UDIMS/texture sets?  (Read 3841 times)

According to Froyok, this was apparently planned back in early 2016:
Is there any update on it? I understand that it has difficulty with Painter's non-destructive workflow, but on many projects topology and UVs are locked anyway before texturing. Even just an option to enable it at the expense of recomputing UVs would be very helpful.

This is still actively being worked on, as you cna imagine it is quite a bit of work :)


Just for the sake of knowing what tools to choose, is there any chance we'll see this feature released this year? As a developer I can understand how much work this should be, but I'm just wondering if there's an update about its progress (seems it was started in 2015{toggle_previous_statuses}). It would be helpful to know.

Definitely this year.

Definitely this year.

Looking forward to this! :)
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Is coming. I can feel it. This feature will catapult Painter into another dimension.
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Substance painter is already becoming a industry standard (we have added it to our curriculum as well )... once allegorithmic makes this feature a reality, I feel it will surpass mari as a standard (maybe not for huge textures yet, but general workflow)

Definitely this year.

That is very very good. Hope it's not going to be experimental for another couple of years.
I want to ask about stencil warp and other warp functionalities of stencils.
Now when you're part of Adobe, can you give at least close to photoshop level of freedom while working with stencils?
I mean painting character face is not as easy like in competitor software
stencil workflow has been improved in painter but still lacks of some crucial functionality.

I guess there was a problem.. But maybe one year later udim support is around the door? Or how can i participate in the beta?

There should be an update on the process: what's the status here?

We've had a closed beta running for several months and are getting closer to a public release.

Yes please make it happen. I need UDIMs.