Author Topic: Substance Plugin for Godot Engine 3.x?  (Read 3045 times)

Godot Engine 3 hit RC 1 today, and is now pretty stable. I've been having a fun time with it, and it supports a lot of features that closed source engines do.  It's licensed under MIT. for reference.

I was wondering if maybe Allegorithmic would consider making a Godot 3 plugin.  One of the things that constantly bugs me is the lack of a Blender plugin.  I understand why this is (because of GPL), but as Godot doesn't have any licensing restrictions I was thinking it would be a nice time for Substance to support an open source project.

 :) Yeah, that would be nice :)

Godot 3 becomes more and more popular.

Yep, that would be awesome  :)

Yes we need this.  I feel the ground swelling under this engine.

I support this!