Author Topic: Universal use of images  (Read 1863 times)

Hey guys. i finally have some time off and i sat down to paint something with painter. 
One of the first things that struck me was the way imported textures are restricted to certain types of usage, which is a pain in the ass.

i dumped a load of alpha PSD's from zbrush into the shelf folder (why do we have to have a shelf folder in MyDocuments? can we not add directories like the library? everyone already has a texture folder so let us use it!)  but it seems that Mask textures are only able to use the alpha channel of an image, so i'd have to convert all these before use as stencils or masks. that kinda sucks.

i propose that you add conversion functionality on all image inputs, configured via a contextual dropdown menu whenever you complete a drag operation on an image, and editable via rightclick on that input

//rgb inputs:
- use rgb
- use alpha as rgb (greyed out if no alpha channel)
//single chan inputs:
- use alpha
- use r (greyed out if no alpha channel)
- use b
- use g

The shelf and library are being revamped, it should be much easier to import your alphas in a few weeks.