Author Topic: Substance Painter workflow for a big scene?  (Read 1606 times)

Hey there guys,
I've currently finished modelling an alleyway in maya, and I'm ready to use it on Unreal Engine. I wanted to texture it using Subtance painter but here is the deal, I have over 100 UV Maps unfolds, That is, I occupied 10x10 of my UV Sets. After baking my textures, took a long time and a'lot of crashes, Substance finally did it and left me over with a absurdly huge file of 10GB. And well, I have a pretty good PC here but it's not handling quite well crashing all the time. I've already hidden all my sets and deactivated my anti-virus. What would be the best workflow for this to work somewhat smoothly?

Thanks in advance!
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Hey, it depends of the size/complexity of the scene, but SP is not designed to texture full environments, but rather props.
But by splitting your environment properly, it should be feasible.

Do you mind sharing a pic of your scene?

I replied to your other thread below...

Would be interested to see a pic also :)