Author Topic: Blend node is not working as intended  (Read 4448 times)

Hello Community members,

When I try using a blend node function, I After connecting the foreground, my background is getting disabled. And If I try connecting the backfirst and then my foreground is getting disabled. I am following the tutorial as I am new to Substance Designer.

The backround node you are using is in Color mode while your foreground node is in Grayscale, that is why (the yellow line means this is a color node, gray line means this is a grayscale node. You can't blend between color and grayscale - they both have to be either color or grayscale.
 You have to options: either convert the grayscale node to a color node by connecting it to a Gradient map node (for example) or convert the color node to a grayscale using grayscale node (or also use the gradient map - it has a switch).


Awesome !! That totally helped me out. Thank you very much. The tutorial provided by Subtance Designer was done in older version, so they have made changes and it is quite hard to follow for newbies like me. Thank you so your kind help.

no problem man :)