Author Topic: Houdini 16.0 Substance Plugin Installation Files (Windows, Mac, Linux)  (Read 10628 times)

Hey everyone,

For those still using Houdini 16.0, here are the Houdini 16.0 Substance plugin installation files for Windows, Mac, and Linux.




Please let me know if there are any issues. Thank you. :)


Hi Keston,

Coud you please post the same for Houdini 15.5? To be more precise, using 15.5.717 on Windows 7; neither the current plugin nor the installers posted above seem to work.

Thank you,
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The link is 404'd...
Is there anyway to still reach this?
Looking for the Linux version - Substance for Houdini 16.0

or it would be nice if it was available on similar to the other programs :)