Author Topic: (Scripting) Another version of that allows you to pack RGBA  (Read 1660 times)

I would like to see another version of that allows you to pack different channels into RGBA. It should also allow you to combine "normal" channels with converted channels. So it would be like the document preset save except you would have the flexility of using uid for exporting a single layer, the ability to name the textures in the script and so on while also being able to pack channels into a single texture.

alg.mapexport.save_packed([uid, r g b a])
So for example alg.mapexport.save_packed([10, "ao_mixed", "roughness", "metallic") where they would pack into RGBA in the order of the arguments, until there are no available color channels left. So you could pack from 2 channels (RG) up to 4 (RGBA) using this method.