Author Topic: [UI] dockable Base Color color picker  (Read 2793 times)

Hey there,
I am pretty new to substance painter, so I am sorry if this is an old topic.
As there is no color wheel (I just found feature requests from 2014, and am very sad not seeing it implemented yet)
It would be nice to have at least the ability to dock the base color color picker somewhere, so you dont have to reopen it over and over again.
I sometimes work quite painterly, so it is in heavy use.

By the way (maybe i should open an extra thread for that) it would be great to have an option to make the colorpicker's eyedropper IGNORE shading. like the one you get by hitting C in zbrush. It is quite annoying to have to toggle channels (c) to get the pure/original color value. 

It would be great to know if the much requested color wheel will come one day. Until then, a dockable color picker would be great.

oh sorry, i obviously failed at using the search. But good to know that i am not alone with this wish.

One year later and still not implemented !
The annoying thing is that this functionality already exists in the color palette color picker
Just need a keyboard shortcut for it really