Author Topic: Please add a "bake selected textures" not just all or current  (Read 1347 times)

This is probably already been asked for but I am chiming in again.  I often am working with multiple pieces of furniture in a single file, so that I can be sure all have the same exact baked lighting and same final look and feel.  This week I am adding a piece to an existing set of four pieces and that is a whole lot of textures (the reason it is a lot is technical and required for the work I am doing).  That said... I was *really really really* hoping that when i had soloed ONLY the new piece and clicked bake all that it was going to just do the new one.. But that is not what happened, sadly, and now my machine is going to be tied up for HOURS rebaking the whole set when it really was not needed.  Yes, I could click in each of the new textures and render them by hand, but I was hoping to just set it and walk away...but not long enough to clean my whole house for crying out loud.  Anyway, please consider adding a "bake visible textures" or soloed or whatever wording makes sense, that would ONLY bother with the ones I have selected and not the entire set.

I realize that this might cause some odd shadowing, but honestly, that would work for me too.  I find that occasionally I do not want a shadow in a certain place, if i rendered one texture without the other piece interfering I would be fine with that, and I think others would too once they figured out how it worked.