Author Topic: Weird baked texture  (Read 2112 times)

Here's the original low/high poly.

After bake texture from high poly, I got weird distorted result:

Here's the my settings:

I tried to adjusted max front/rear distance, but won't work either. How should I get clean result?

Most likely has to do with that cavity area in your highpoly model that isn't reflected appropriately in the lowpoly mesh. It should be possible to improve the bake by adjusting the max frontal/ rear distances (might have to set a quite high value), but the difference between highpoly and lowpoly in that area might be too high.

Either model the entire camera lens in lowpoly, or make the square shaped cavity around the camera lens less deep in the highpoly version. You could also try to bake using a lowpoly cage file.
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Thanks @volker, I adjusted high poly model and now it works fine.