Author Topic: Painter crashes in Yosemite  (Read 3554 times)

painter crash when i close the app in Yosemite Beta 4

Crash log attached to this tread



Painter 10 crashes at close same than Painter 9 if i close App painter crashes in Yosemite Beta 4

here Crash report:


Me too.

I have used Yosemite and Substanse Painter beta10.
I clicked File menu and Open then Substance Painter beta 10 crashed.
And clicked Resent file menu too.

Thanks for the report. Please send a report to I'm not sure if Yosemite has been tested yet.


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Good news folks: I've found a temporary workaround to run Painter on Yosemite :-)

So, if you've read the crashlog carefully you would notice that the problem is in Qt library. Now, as it says here – this is a well known bug in Qt version 5.3.0, and has already been fixed in version 5.3.1. So all you need to do is update the Qt libs in Painter on your own. Here's how:

1. Goto and download the latest version of Qt for Mac
2. Install the latest version (this might take a while depending on your internet connection)
3. Goto to the directory on your harddrive where you installed Qt and locate this folders:
  a) 5.3/clang_64/plugins/platforms
  b) 5.3/clang_64/plugins/imageformats
  c) 5.3/clang_64/lib
4. Now locate your Painter app on your Mac, right click on it and select "Show Package Contents"
5. Navigate to Contents/Frameworks, take a look at all the frameworks that are listed there. Now, locate the same frameworks in 5.3/clang_64/lib and copy them over the existing ones in Painter package (you can ignore Breakpad.framework). Do the same for plugins/plaforms and plugins/imagefomats
6. Run the app again

That's it. Worked for me.

Now, beware that this is a different version of Qt, so this "fix" might actually break something inside Painter. I haven't had a time to test the app thoroughly yet, so use on your own risk!

We will investigate the Yosemite/Qt issue ASAP.

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Thanks, Nicolas!
Can you also look into image drag'n'drop problem in Bitmap2Material standalone on Yosemite while you're on it? It doesn't work :-(